Varsity Membership

Varsity membership is available to those who have maintained at least 10 consecutive years of membership. It is available only to a member and spouse. Here is more information from the bylaws:

Section 7. Varsity Memberships

(a) The Board of Governors, in its sole discretion, shall be entitled to grant Varsity Memberships, in addition to those enumerated in other sections of these By Laws to joint members for their long-standing support of the corporation who meet the following criteria:

(1) They must have been members of the corporation in good standing for at least ten (10) consecutive years, having paid all of their dues and assessments at the time application for Varsity Membership has been received.

(2) Varsity Membership is only available to the member and spouse. No other members of the household can be included in this membership.

(3) They must apply for this membership in writing to the Board of Governors with the understanding that the number of Varsity Memberships are dependent upon the attainment of full standard membership enrollment and that there is no guarantee that the Board of Governors will act favorably on their application. Nonetheless, applicants agree to maintain their membership for the year notwithstanding the outcome of their application for Varsity Membership status.

(4) Applicants agree that the corporation shall retain, during their tenure as Varsity Members, the entrance fee paid pursuant to Article IV, Section 1 (a.k.a. the bond) that is being held by the corporation in conjunction with their standard membership.

(5) They agree that they shall neither have the ability to vote as members of the corporation nor shall they have the right to hold elective office on the Board of Governors or as an officer of the corporation. Varsity Members shall be permitted to invite guests at the going rate.

(b) The Board of Governors shall exercise due diligence in granting Varsity Membership to all qualified applicants so long as there are no vacancies in Standard Memberships and that for each Varsity membership granted there is a replacement who has agreed to take the member's slot as a new Standard Member. The granting of Varsity Membership shall not take place prior to June 1. The first member to apply for Varsity Membership shall receive first consideration for such membership, and subsequent applicants shall receive consideration in the order that such applications are received. The date of application shall be considered by the postmark date on the envelope. Should more than one application be received at the same time, the member having seniority of membership shall be given consideration before the member with less seniority. Once Varsity Membership status has been granted it shall not be revoked for any subsequent years and that member shall be a Varsity Member for the duration of their association with the corporation. The number of Varsity Memberships shall never exceed fifty (50).

(c) The annual dues for such membership shall be determined by the Board of Governors but shall not exceed one-half of the annual dues paid by Standard Members pursuant to Article V, Section 1. Within thirty (30) days of attaining Varsity Membership, said member shall receive a refund of their dues paid representing the difference between the Standard Membership dues and the Varsity Membership dues. Varsity Members shall be liable for any assessments levied as set out in Article V of these By Laws. The Board of Governors shall be entitled to modify these provisions from time to time as deemed fit to further the intent and purposes of this provision and these By Laws.