Session 1
July 1 – July 26
Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays
4th of July make-up will be Friday, July 5

Level 1    10:30-11:00
Level 2    11:00-11:30
Level 3    11:30-12:00

Session 2
August 6 – August 16
Monday – Thursday

Level 1      9:30-10:00
Level 2    10:00-10:30
Level 3    10:30-11:00

Mondays & Wednesdays

Session 1
(July 1 – July 24)

Session 2
(August 5 – August 14)

Swim Levels


Level 1:


to Water Skills

Typical Ages: 1-3

This class will help students to feel comfortable in the water and to enjoy the water safely. Instructors will work with parents to help the child develop a love for swimming through songs and games.  At the completion of level 1, the goal is for swimmers to be confident enough to try new skills such as blowing bubbles and kicking with an instructor, rather than a parent.


Level 2:


Aquatic Skills

Typical Ages: 3-4

Students in this class will work to acquire fundamental water skills. Swimmers at this level are not independent swimmers, but they should be comfortable working one-on-one with an instructor rather than a parent. Swimmers will work to develop basic kicking, floating, pulling techniques and will begin to go underwater and jump from the side.  In order to move on to level 3, swimmers should have forward progression independently and should be comfortable going underwater on their own.

Level 3:


Stroke Development

Typical Ages: 4-6

Students in level 3 should have some independence in the water. Swimmers should be comfortable kicking, floating, and going underwater on their own. Swimmers will start to learn the basics of freestyle and backstroke with an instructor in the water.  Instructors will also teach a beginning dive progression as well as basic kicking technique for butterfly and breaststroke.  This is the last level taught in the shallow end with instructors in the water.  In order to graduate to the first level of swim clinics taught in a lap lane, swimmers should be able to swim two shallow end widths of freestyle and two shallow end widths of backstroke independently.