Dive Team

Practice Schedule:

June 5 -June 23  Monday-Friday 6:00pm-7:00pm

June 26 -July 31 Monday-Friday 12:00pm-1:30pm (split in two sessions by age)


Divers compete in two different types of meets throughout the season. Meets on Mondays and Fridays are diving only and consist of divers from all of the clubs in the Colonial League (and Nashawtuc). All divers are welcome to attend, as long as they were at the previous practice. These meets have a 12:00 warm-up and a 1:00 start for the younger kids, and the older kids warm-up and compete after.

Saturday dual meets include swimming and diving. Only three divers (boys and girls combined) are allowed in each age group. Coaches choose the lineup based on skill level, attendance at practices, and work ethic. Coaches would like to allow each diver to attend at least one Saturday meet, but please understand that this might not be possible if there are several divers in a particular age group. Lineups for the Saturday meets will be emailed out a few days before the meet so that parents know if their child is competing.

Age group meet requirements:

10 and under- 3 dives (forward, two optional dives)

12 and under- 4 dives (forward, back, two optional dives)

14 and under- 5 dives (forward, back, inward, two optional dives)

17 and under- 6 dives (forward, back, inward, reverse, two optional dives)