Chelmsford Swimming and Tennis Club Employee Handbook

I. Philosophy

The purpose of the Employee Handbook is to both create a tangible reflection of the values of the members of Chelmsford Swimming & Tennis Club (CS&T), as well as provide guidelines for behavior to all members of the organization, including officers, directors, managers and employees.


II. Hiring & Employment

CS&T strives to find the best qualified people for the jobs to be performed.  Where required, appropriate proof of experience or expertise (i.e. certification for Life Guards) will need to be provided.  However, CS&T is dedicated to providing equal employment opportunity.



a.  Job Postings - Employment applications are solicited prior to the opening of a summer season.

b.  Privacy - CS&T has a policy that ensures the privacy of personal information provided by employees.

c.  Re-employment - Any employee wishing to return the following season is given preference for job openings over new applicants, provided their performance in the prior employment period was deemed acceptable by the Club Manager.

d.  Job Offers - Offers of employment are made by the Club Manager as agreed and directed by the Board of Governors in compliance with the Bylaws.



a.  Equal Employment Opportunity - CS&T ensures equal employment opportunity to all qualified applicants by prohibiting discrimination in employment due to race, color, creed, age, sex, national origin, religion, handicap or veterans status.

b.  Harassment - All employees at CS&T must be allowed to work in an environment free of harassment of any kind. Behavior considered harassment includes: threatening, offensive or intimidating behavior, unwanted physical contact or sexual demands. If informed of such behavior, either the Club Manager or a member of the Board of Governorís will investigate.

c.  Sexual Harassment - In any form, sexual harassment is a prohibited practice, and would include such behavior or remarks as:

- Sex-oriented verbal 'kidding', foul language, or abuse.

- Suggestive pictures.

- Physical contact

- Demands for sexual favors.

Any employee who feels they have been subjected to sexual harassment by a co-worker or supervisor are strongly urged to inform the Club Manager or a member of the Board of Governors.


d.  Hours of Work - work schedules will vary depending upon the function, the requirements of the Club, and any related events that may have been previously scheduled.  Work schedules are prepared by the Club Manager and posted accordingly.

e.  Attendance - Employees are expected to be at work for all regularly scheduled work hours.  However, it is recognized that occasional absences are unavoidable, and employees are encouraged to provide as much prior notice to the Club Manager as possible.  Excessive absenteeism can cause work disruptions and excessive workloads for fellow employees.  Such attendance issues will affect performance evaluations and could result in disciplinary action.

f.   Pay Week - CS&T operates on a weekly pay period ending on Sunday, with a pay date of Wednesday.

g.  Vacations - CS&T grants one week of paid vacation time to it's management staff employees only (Club Manager and Asst Managers).  The Club Manager, on an as-need basis, may grant unpaid vacations to the staff.

h.  Performance evaluations are generated by the Club Manager and Aquatics Director for all employees.  The Board of Governors is responsible to provide performance evaluations and feedback on the Club Manager and Tennis Director.

i.  Compensation - CS&T has a policy to compensate employees based on experience/expertise, performance and contributions made by the employee to the Club.  Base salaries are set at the beginning of each season, by the Board of Governors Personnel Committee in conjunction with the Club Manager and senior staff.  Employees returning in subsequent years will be eligible for a raise in hourly salary as determined by the Personnel Committee and club management.

- Overtime work is generally not expected of employees since management is on salary and all other employees are on hourly rates.

j.  Non-salaried compensation - employees have the opportunity to supplement their salaried compensation by offering private (either group or individual) lessons in either swimming or tennis.

k.  Behavior - CS&T expects professional, mature appearance and behavior from employees given they are representatives of the Club, the manager and the Board of Governorís.  Drug and alcohol use on the Club premises is absolutely prohibited, as are unauthorized use of the club facilities.


III. Employee Safety

CS&T is concerned about the safety of employees and members alike.  All employees are encouraged to enforce safety rules as established by the Board of Governors and in accordance with Red Cross regulations.  The Club Manager monitors the club facilities and practices for safety concerns, and seeks to create an environment where accidents are less likely to happen.